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Kombucha, Protein bars

Become the captain of your life

The Gutsy Captain company was founded in 2016 in Portugal by two Slovaks – Peter and Matuš. Their products are focused on a healthy lifestyle. They wanted to create a healthy drink that combined health benefits with a delicious taste. And that's why they started making kombucha. Each bottle is made exclusively from BIO certified ingredients and fermented with special Captain Kombucha healthy cultures. Only natural flavourings are added to the flavoured varieties. 
In 2023, the owners have ventured into another category that also combines health benefits with delicious taste. The result is Captain Protein bars. The multi-layered soft bar with 30% protein tastes great even without added sugar, with a high fibre content, 13 vitamins and minerals.
Both kombucha and protein bars carry the GUT HEALTH label, which means they have a positive effect on our digestive system.